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Born in Zamora and living in Cáceres for five years, she has just been proclaimed world champion of natural bodybuilding

She is a speech therapist and says that “I train four days a week for an hour and a half”

Laura Gutiérrez Rodríguez was born in Zamora 32 years ago, but has lived in Cáceres for five years. She is a speech therapist, but her hidden superpower goes beyond improving the diction of people with disabilities: She is a world champion of natural bodybuilding. The title was reissued a few days ago in the Italian city of Perugia, where it has confirmed its international dominance of a category like fitness Model PRO in which he has accumulated numerous successes since he started there, back in 2016.

Natural bodybuilding avoids the substances that are often associated with this sport. Yes, certain vitamin supplements are taken that do not alter the physique. Everything else is gym, food and rest. “I train four days a week for an hour and a half,” he says. «This is a very expensive hobby. Everything costs money, including travel. Yes, there are cash prizes that help you cover all expenses,” he says.

This is how he has managed to get the judges of the competitions to rate the physique he has achieved very highly. «The basis of every competitive bodybuilder is strength, it is what in the end will give you the aesthetics you want. “You have to train very hard,” he says. Now she is under the tutelage of Dani Prada, “a great defender of powerbuilding,” he points out. In Cáceres he trains at the Altafit gym.


With more than 5,000 followers on his Instagram account (@lauragr_bfit), Perugia has been the last experience of a career that will continue “until I am no longer passionate about this.” Now he is considering taking a break in 2024, as he already did in 2021 to gain strength and give his body and mind a break. «For me this is as always. Before competitions I still get nervous like the first day and people miss it. I tell them that it doesn’t matter, because if something doesn’t make you nervous, it doesn’t excite you,” he points out.

They are not family, they share a last name and friendship with Esther Gutiérrez, the Spanish powerlifting champion from Coriana. Laura Gutiérrez has also practiced it, seeking to test her limits again. “They have nothing to do with it, although it is very complementary to bodybuilding,” she acknowledges. Pure muscle.

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