Brazil fans take issue with Neymar after the tie

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On his way to the locker room, the former Barça and PSG player was hit by a bag of popcorn thrown from the stands.

The anger of the ‘torcida’ is visible after Brazil’s disappointing draw against Venezuela, with Neymar in the eye of the hurricane

The resounding failure for Brazil to draw against Venezuela playing at home has not sat well with the faithful ‘torcida’, who took it out on Neymar at the conclusion of the match.

The former Barça and PSG player, now enrolled in the Saudi Al-Hilalplayed a poor game and at the end was the object of the fans’ wrath.

In addition to being the center of boos and insults after the ‘canarinha’ bad game, On his way to the locker room, Neymar was hit by a bag that apparently contained popcorn thrown from the stands.

Neymar revolted and faced the public, accusing a fan, who was then sought out by the security services of the Arena Pantanal stadium in Cuiabá. where the Verdeamarela signed a sad 1-1 draw against Venezuela.

This morning’s is the second point achieved by Venezuela against the all-powerful Brazil in the 19 games played in the history of the Conmebol qualifiers. The first was in 2009, when they scored 0-0 in Campo Grande.

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