Carolina Marín falls to Yu Fei Chen

11/17/2023 at 12:26


The Spanish says goodbye with this defeat of the Japan Masters

The match started badly for the Huelva player against the Chinese and her lukewarm reaction was not enough

The Spanish Carolina Marínfifth seed, was eliminated from the Japan Badminton Masters taking place in Kumamoto after losing in her quarterfinal match against the Chinese Yu Fei Chenthird favorite of the tournament, by 21-12 and 21-9.

The match started badly for the Huelva player, who was only able to win one of the first six points in dispute. That initial disadvantage dragged her until 14-11, when she broke definitely the sleeve in favor of China by conceding only one point from then on at the end of the same.

Was replenished Carolina of the blow at dawn of the second set. However, at 5-5 he conceded a 10-0 partial against which he was not able to get up. Yu Fei Chen will face the South Korean in the next round Se Young Anfirst seed to beat the Thai Supanida Katethong by 21-17 and 21-9.

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