Djokovic and the freedom to decide on vaccination: “For once I agree with Kyrgios”

At the press conference after his victory against Andrey Rublev at the ATP Finals, an Australian journalist asked Novak Djokovic What did you think about Nick Kyrgios’ statements about the Serb’s position on vaccination?, in which he said that he had every right to make his own decision regarding that matter and also not to disclose information about it. Number one answered first with grace and then with eloquence: “That was unexpected (laughs) knowing what was coming from him towards me in the last couple of years. But this time I have to agree with him that freedom of choice is essential for everyone, whether it’s me or someone else.

“It doesn’t really matter if it’s a vaccine or something else in life. We should have the freedom to choose, to decide what we want to do. In this particular case it’s about what you want to put in your body. I’ve always been an advocate for that and always a supporter of freedom of choice, and I’ll always be supporting that.because freedom is essential for a happy and prosperous life,” he concluded.

In the same speech he spoke about his hobby of playing the saxophone, a practice that he confessed that he has somewhat abandoned, and explained the curious reasons: “The saxophone is one of the most difficult instruments to learn. I haven’t really dedicated myself to practicing it, I must say, lately. I have it with me here, but I haven’t taken it out yet. He’s still in the bag. Due to the constraints I have in the hotel and I want to spare my wife, my team and everyone staying at the hotel the terrible noise that comes out of my saxophone as a beginner, so I will still have to learn.

Duo with the DJ from Turin

Djokovic argued why he likes the sax: “It’s very universal instrument that can go with different types of music in a different environment, so to speak. Also, it’s inspiring that it’s very challenging to learn. Maybe one day I will be able to play it well to be able to perform together with this great DJ that Turin is still here for a few more years. Who knows”.

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