“Every time I went to the Bernabéu, Madrid lost, can you believe it?”

For two decades she has been a woman with two names. On the one hand, Mercedes, the one he was born with. Mercedes Mígel Carpio (Córdoba, 1979). On the other hand, the one with which television baptized it, in the second edition of Triumph operation in 2002. Vega, simply. The least OT artist of all those who have gone through OT. Because she is not one of quick success, of ‘Big Mac’ songs, which are consumed and filled but are forgotten as quickly as they arrive. Because she composes and creates, she does not sing what was written by others, formula songs. Because she has always been a fish against the current, with her own record company, The burrow, with his guitar and his deep voice. Because Vega is like a white blackbird, those birds with a unique, different trill, that you listen to and nest inside. Because Vega is that woman to whom the OT suit very soon became strange. Vega is indie, she is a singer-songwriter, she is that woman with two names who has been releasing her latest album for three weeks, that Mirlo Blanco, with everything it means, as the second best-selling album in Spain., since the first day, since it saw the light. The woman who welcomes you with a smile at her fetish site, Tita Rivera, your place in Madrid. So natural, so close, so heartfelt, like her when she grabs the guitar and starts singing. So far from that that she baptized her Vega, although she wanted another name.

By the way, football defines her too. That swimming against the current. That’s why, at his house, he joined Real Madrid…

-This is your tenth album.

-Yeah. It is the tenth that I have edited. Study is the ninth.

-‘White blackbird’. The title is very inspiring. A bird that does not imitate anyone’s sounds and when it learns one, it perfects it. Sounds like the perfect definition for you.

-(Laugh) That’s what I thought, when I saw what blackbirds were like, a bird that did not copy anything from nature and that they were perfecting their trill until they found one that was identifiable and that when you heard it you couldn’t forget it seemed like a good, perfect example to define myself. . Each of my albums has been rowing towards perfection. My way of writing, of singing, of interpreting my songs, of what I want to tell. And always with the desire for them to be super recognizable, very personal to me. That when someone hears a song, regardless of how it sounds, whatever genre it is, people say: “This is Vega.” I thought it was very pretty.

-You actually have two names. On the one hand, Mercedes, her real name. On the other hand, Vega, the professional… I don’t know if it’s a bit complicated to have two.

-Look, do you know what’s happening? I always introduce myself as Mercedes. Always.


-Yeah. And they tell me: “Ah, but you’re Vega.” OK. “And what do I call you?” Then I automatically respond: “As you wish.” Because, really, I am 42 years old, almost 43, and I have had both names for a generous amount of time, almost half of my life. So, in the end I answer both. Like I have that chip in my head. I answer even when they don’t call me, with that I tell you everything (laugh).

-Did you choose the name Vega in ‘Operación Triunfo’?

-They told me that I had to change my name. I would have liked to be called Eme, simply.

-Well, it hits him a lot. Eme.

-Besides, I had it as a super idea. I put an ‘e’ right side up, an ‘m’ in the middle and an ‘e’ backwards. I already have the logo, I already have everything. And they told me: “That name is not valid.” “How is it not worth it?” “Of course not, you have to choose another one. And I called my sisters and told them: “You choose.” They had just dismantled my childhood dream of one day calling myself Eme, artistically. The day I met Eme DJ, I told him: “Ah, you have the name that I have always wanted.”


Vega, for AS, in ‘La Tita Rivera’.EDUARDO CANDELDIARY AS

-I didn’t know very well how to call you, to address you. Yes Mercedes or Vega.

-Well, Vega is perfect. I make no distinction in that sense, that someone who calls me Vega seems less close to me. In fact, I have friends who knew me as Vega and call me Vega, super friends, so I don’t feel strange, it’s not like a role that I have to adopt at a certain moment.

-The creative process of this album has been influenced by the pandemic, it can be seen in the album, what differences are there with the things that have happened to you inside and then taken to paper, to the guitar.

-There is one thing that was written in the letter that the communications people asked me for, for the album, and I said: “This is not an album that is not written with the intention of being an album.” There are songs that are before and after that first big wave and some that are made in the middle of all that. I don’t want to say that it is a pandemic issue because it isn’t, but it does influence what we have all experienced, which in the end for me is a reorganization of priorities. I went through the pandemic like everyone else, focused on my family, most importantly, the people. It makes you look around, I don’t know, I feel like a social being, who lives in a community and I want to talk about things that seem important to me and do it from a point of view that, obviously, all of this has affected us emotionally. So I can’t tell you that it hasn’t influenced me, it’s that, if it doesn’t influence you, I wouldn’t have blood in my veins.

-In November 2021, in an interview on SER, he said that he suffers from bipolar disorder and that with this album he wanted to make a plea for mental health.

-More than with the album with the song ‘Bipolar’. Specifically, with that I wanted to put the focus, normalize something that it seems that we have not internalized, which is what it means to feel bad at certain moments. I’m talking about something that has probably happened to everyone and I simply want to normalize it but not as a personal medical battle of “I want to fix this problem”, because I can’t do it, I’m not the one. But telling people: “If this happens to you, it’s okay to feel bad.” You don’t have to be with a constant smile if you don’t feel like it. If you don’t feel well, you have to observe yourself: how long have you not felt well? Being psychically fit is like being physically fit. There are times that to move forward, if we have critical pain we have to eradicate it so that it is not definitive to live. Well this is the same. What happens is that we don’t usually pay enough emotional attention. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way and I am not going to give up. That’s the message I want to convey with the song.

-Do you want to go back to concerts?

-What else.

-In 2020 he released the album ‘Diario de una noche’ and I don’t know if he was able to do concerts.

-My tour was cancelled. The one from ‘A Night Diary’. It was scheduled for March 2020. It was postponed to September. In September we couldn’t relocate due to capacity issues and we had to cancel it. I didn’t turn. So I will charge it now, with this one, God willing and there is nothing to prevent it and I will be there, not only with ‘Mirlo Blanco’ but also with ‘Diario de una noche’.

-If the public wants to return to concerts, I don’t want to imagine you. You and your guitar.

-Many. But apart from during the pandemic we also saw how the voice was raised by all those people, the technicians, the musicians themselves, the people who work in music from an office, all that equipment that you have around you and that is essential for people to be able to enjoy music and that sometimes they are invisible. And they went to zero income for a year and a half. So, it is not only the desire to return to the stage, but also the opportunity to give back to the people who have been working with me for so many years the opportunity to continue being who they are. It’s not just my dream. It is the illusion of a bigger team.

-You grew up with music in your house since you were a child. And all kinds of music. From Sting, to Camela, to The Smiths…

-Everything sounds like everything in my childhood. And I think that is tremendously healthy. I am the middle of three sisters and there are influences from the music of my parents, my uncles. Then my older sister. I, like a good teenager, went from ‘Enrique y Ana’ albums to Camela and flamenco and Andalusian rock and, suddenly, my sister arrived with a Portishead album. In the end I have grown up with all those influences. From Italian music, to the great singer-songwriters on my parents’ side. I became very fond of these. But then I would freak out with everything my sister and I taught and I would drink. I’ve heard it all! I love rancheras. When I was 16 years old I went to see Luis Miguel at Las Ventas but as a total fan. And that same crying with emotion seeing Morrissey later. Then I have been lucky enough to be able to share the stage with artists of very different genres.

-Does Real Madrid also come to you as a child?

-I was born in 1979, there was a lot of social life around sports. My little sister was from Barça and I had to be from Madrid, to tease her. And that’s how I started doing it. My older sister was from the NBA but I loved to tease my little one about the five little wolves, when Madrid beat Barça 5-0. It was fun. I grew up with this and I continued, I continued…

-In an interview, he confessed that “Madrid always lost” when he went to the Bernabéu…

-(Laugh) Yes. Can you believe it? Always always. That’s why I stay at home (laugh).

-Did you practice any sports?

-Yeah (laugh), but I’m embarrassed to say it.


-Well, because I’m short but I played basketball. It was base. And I wasn’t particularly good but, since I was very ‘guerrilla’, they took me out onto the field like: “Start the ball.” And there I went like a miura because I have always had a lot of character and if they tell me something, if I have a goal, I go and pursue it.

-Artists, football, they can’t see it too much. The schedules usually coincide with their concerts.

-Well, look, I have to tell you that I really liked it when they started to set schedules at twelve, two in the afternoon, schedules to be able to watch as a family. You could afford to go to the countryside with your children and then enjoy a concert, it wasn’t a bad idea. It is a point of view, perhaps, from a woman, who perhaps seems that she does not count. Before there was nothing else but now that there is such a wide range of options, you can enjoy everything and have something you can enjoy with your family. Me, with my daughter, if I want to watch something with her, in the end I end up watching tennis. Due to schedules, it is the only thing you can see. In football, many days, you have to go to bed.

-So, they saw Rafa Nadal’s feat in Australia together…

-Well, a part. I believe that only Rafa Nadal can endure everything (laugh). But, look, she is a five-year-old girl and she knows who Rafa Nadal is. She sees him and says: “Rafaaa”.

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