Fight for permanence and the playoff: a heart-stopping Saturday

The last league days usually provide strong emotions in any sport. But the one that will close today the regular phase of futsal, with a unified schedule (all matches will begin at 6:30 p.m.), would be contraindicated by a cardiologist. At stake are the last three places that give access to the playoff for the title, still without a clear owner, and the 14th, the border between relegation and permanence in the first category.

The battle for the qualifiers involves four teams: ElPozo, Ribera Navarra and Santa Coloma, which reach the outcome in the good cut, and Jaén, which is on the prowl. If the Andalusian team, which faces the already relegated Burela, scores and one of those ahead slips, which is certain because ElPozo and Santa Coloma face each other, it will get into the ointment. For its part, Ribera Navarra has an appointment with Levante, now without mathematical options.

Valdepeñas-Córdoba 18:30 (LaLiga Sports, CMM TV))
Inter-Pussy 18:30
Ribera Navarra-Levante 18:30
Cartagena-Barça 18:30 (LaLiga Sports, La 7)
Burela-Jaén 18:30
Betis-Manzanares 18:30 (LaLiga Sports, Betis TV)
Palma-Zaragoza 18:30 (LaLiga Sports, IB3)
Santa Coloma-ElPozo 18:30 (LaLiga Sports)

Even more dramatic, if possible, will be the fight below. Everything is between two clubs: Zaragoza, which has the upper hand, and Betis. They will compete respectively with Palma, who if they win would opt to be second and have a better place in the playoff, and with Manzanares in no man’s land, to whom victory neither gives nor takes away anything. The Betic team has pushed hard in the final stretch of the championship, without knowing defeat in the last four games. But he has only won twice at home this season. One more is necessary.

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