“I have lung cancer that has spread to the brain.”

11/16/2023 at 12:04


The Paralympic weightlifting champion has confirmed her serious illness in a statement

“It is news that is difficult to describe in words, but I feel excitement and energy to battle this new challenge in my life,” he points out with great fortitude.

Extremaduran Loida Zabala, winner of four weightlifting diplomas in the last four Paralympic Games, He confirmed this Thursday that he suffers from lung cancer. “It is a malignant neoplasm that has spread to the brain,” explains the athlete from Losar de la Vera in a statement.

In that same note, Zabala explains that there is a specific treatment in pills “with which I will be able to combat those cells and I thank life and science for being able to start it right now.”

On November 4, when she had already been hospitalized for several days, the Paralympian He reported through his social networks that they had detected nine masses in his brain that could be a metastasis from the lung. At that time he was still waiting for new tests that were carried out over the past week. In these tests it has been confirmed that the woman from Losara suffers from lung cancer.

“It is very shocking news, difficult to describe in words, but I feel excitement and energy to battle this new life challenge,” says Loida Zabala, who confesses that she is aware that it is not going to be an easy path.

He also states that Emotionally, he feels happy and knows that he has to be patient until January to check the effectiveness of the medications.

However, he asserts that dream “big” because next year “what would be or will be my fifth Paralympic Games will be held and I would like nothing more than to share them with you, who have been my light all these days.”

That positive attitude is what always reigns in Loida Zabala’s life. “I’m going to give it my all,” he said in a video broadcast by the social network X on Monday of last week.. He acknowledged that this has been a big setback, but added that he is going to take it as a “life competition, one more competition.”

“It will be more or less hard physically, but emotionally I will be at my best,” she added with a smile, the one that always accompanies her. “I have a desire to hold on to everything that you can’t even imagine,” she noted before closing her message by thanking “a lot for all the support, really.”

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