III Gala Woman&Sport – Communicator Award: Almudena Cid

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Once retired, Almudena Cid has continued to promote her sport in books, social networks or television, radio and the press.

Little remains in Almudena Cid of that 7-year-old girl who began practicing rhythmic gymnastics at the Arantzabela Ikastola School in Vitoria as part of extracurricular activities. Today, the former gymnast is a 43-year-old woman, with very clear ideas and she has understood that resilience is the ABC to move forward in this world.

But if something persists about the girl who dreamed of being a rhythmic gymnastics champion one day, it is the illusion of continue betting on new projects and turn them into realities based on work, discipline, perseverance and above all joy, all of them values ​​that he has learned after 21 years of professional career that were left behind in 2008 when he decided to put an end to that life as an elite athlete. It was from then on that another Almudena Cid flourished who has dedicated herself to promoting his sport through social networks, television programs, literature, radio, press and above all passion, a lot of passion to give visibility to that rhythmic gymnastics that has given him so much.

The Vitorian has been and continues to be a reference for perseverance and effort after a great career as a gymnast in which she was the Spanish champion eight times and the only gymnast to compete in four Olympic finals, even created his own element called the Cid Tostado, which consists of rolling from foot to foot in a hyperextended spagat position. Not many can say the same.

It reinvents itself

But once she retired, she reinvented her career by encouraging the dissemination of women’s sports through her communication skills. A very important part of her stage as a communicator is that of commentator on the rhythmic gymnastics competitions on Teledeporte where she accompanied Paloma del Río until the journalist retired this summer after the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup held in Valencia.

It is because of this new facet and its great ability to explain and make the secrets of rhythmic gymnastics understand to the general public that in the Gala Woman Sport has been awarded the Communicator Award. A trophy perhaps not as valuable as the multiple medals that have hung around her neck throughout her career but very well deserved for an Almudena who He always tries to spread his passion for gymnastics in the media or in those sweet children’s books from the Olympia series where she tells of her exciting life.

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