III Gala Woman&Sport – Innovation Award: Queens League

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It is a new way of understanding soccer and it has also permeated its female version. The Queens League is experiencing a great present and future

After the emergence of the phenomenon of Kings Leaguewith the Camp Nou stands completely full on the final day of the first split, the competition created by the former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué He was firmly committed to women’s sports, with the creation of the Queens League.

The same 12 ‘Kings’ teams, with a total of 120 players fighting for the trophy that, in its first tournament, was decided on the grass of the stadium of the Atlético de Madridthe Civitas Metropolitano.

The structure of the competition is similar to the men’s tournament, with the matches being played on Saturdays and in the same facilities where the Kings League is played. Followers of the Queens enjoy the fight and determination of the players chosen in the draft, always within rules decided in a democratic manner and with the Queens Cup dispute as the culmination of this 2023.

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