III Woman&Sport Gala – Revelation Award: Sofía Santacreu

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In just over a year, the young Catalan athlete Sofía Santacreu has entered the continental elite of walking through the front door

He is only 17 years old and has a promising future that is also a successful present. Sofia Santacreu was proclaimed last summer European under-20 10,000 meter walk champion, in addition to breaking the Spanish record in the specialty. Without a doubt, one of the great revelations in the world of athletics and a Revelation Award in the gala Woman&Sport.

Curiously, Sofía rose to the top of the podium on the same slopes of Jerusalem in which a year earlier she had been proclaimed continental champion of the 5,000 walk in the under-18 category.

“I have felt super covered,” she said. Sofia Santacreu shortly after achieving their success last summer. Far from settling for that, the woman from Barcelona knows that the future is hers. And she will live it “training and enjoying”, as she confessed on her day. All this, in one of the specialties that has given the most success to Spanish athletics. Pass to Sofía Santacreu.

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