Marc and Álex Márquez change the asphalt for the catwalk

Last but not least, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid reserved the final day of the 75th edition for emerging designers, who are looking for their place in the world of sewing. For the second consecutive year, fashion week together with Allianz, had reserved an award for young promises of Spanish fashion who are looking for their place within a sector, which a priori has nothing to do with the circuits and which, however, has found more similarities than what can be imagined at first glance.

Two world champions like Marc and Álex Márquez changed the asphalt for the catwalk, to witness the work that Allianz does supporting promising young people who, like them, at the time, needed a boost in their career to reach the top of motorcycling. This is what the eldest of the brothers tells AS: “Like many designers here, If you don’t have an opportunity you can’t show yourself and you can’t try to dedicate yourself to what you are most passionate about in this world. In our case there was a sponsor at the time who gave us an opportunity, he supported us at the base and Thanks to them we managed to get where we are.”

His new life in Madrid has nothing to do with his presence at an event, in which “we would have been too.” Because? “Because it was jointly with Allianz, he proposed it to us and we said yes since We believe that supporting the grassroots, giving the opportunity to young talents, whether in motorcycling for example with the Allianz Junior Motor Camp or now here with the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award, It’s something fundamental,” confesses Marc.

It is not the first time they have flirted with the world of sewing, as they previously carried out campaigns for a fashion brand, but it is the first time in which enjoy the catwalk in a privileged front row which, as you well know, is reserved for the best. “You have to see this once in your life,” Álex says about the experience, after a full day where they changed the jumpsuit for the suit, to experience what is hidden behind the scenes as one. “It reminds me a little of our world, behind everything you see there is a lot of work and you only see the end”, the result of a lifetime of dedication that, in their case, has allowed them to reach the top.

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