Pito: “I want to make history with this shirt”

The Brazilian Barça player attends to As in the run-up to their playoff match against ElPozo Murcia, where he spoke about the club, his state of form and his long-term objectives with the club. At 30 years old, the center has entered the Barça institution with the right foot.

First season at Barca and first titles with the Barça shirt, how do you rate this first year?

It has been a very positive year, because arriving at a club like Barcelona and winning important titles, like the Champions League, in the first season is incredible. We had a new coach and he has proven to be very good. We knew the quality of the team and that it was a matter of time before we found ourselves on the track.

We are already in the last phase of the season, with the playoffs about to begin, you will face your former team (ElPozo) in the round of 16, what are your feelings for the match and for the final phase?

We are missing the National League. We are going to play against ElPozo, my first team in Spain and with which I spent three seasons. It is always special to return to the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia. I want to have a great game defending the Barcelona shirt.

You have played for great and historic teams in Spain such as El Pozo Murcia or InterMovistar. You have just won the Futsal Champions League in your first season with Barca, what are your goals for next season?

My goals will always be the same. Continue winning with the Barca shirt. The main objective every year is the Champions League. We won it this season and we have already sealed our participation in the next edition. I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity and win as many titles as possible. I want to make history with this shirt.

You have been a decisive player this season with 21 games played in the League. You have hardly needed to adapt to the team’s game, do you feel that way?

The squad had very good players so the adaptation was very easy. The results came flowing and I didn’t have as much pressure as a new Barcelona player does. The fact that there were several Brazilians on the team helped me. Furthermore, the entire team opened their doors to me and that made the adaptation much easier.

You share a dressing room with some compatriots. How has your association been with Ferrao, Dyego…?

Yes, I knew everyone who played for Barcelona before. Ferrao, furthermore, is my countryman. He is from Chapecó, in Santa Catarina. With Dyego he had played in the Brazilian National Team. Everything went very well, with them he was already adapted to their playing style.

Right now you are a 30-year-old player, and at that age most players are at their peak. Do you feel that way?

A 30-year-old player has a lot of experience. I went through great clubs and I was able to learn a lot in each of them. I think I have arrived at Barcelona at my best moment. I am in the best futsal club in the world, surrounded by the best professionals. I have to take advantage of this moment and give my best to reach my best form.

Do you see much difference between Inter and Barça in terms of infrastructure, work, conditions…etc?

Barcelona exceeded all my expectations. It is a club without parallel in structural terms. Compared to other clubs, the work itself doesn’t change much. However, the infrastructure and conditions provided by the club are superior to any team.

Futsal is a highly dynamic sport, and with a very high pace when you are on the field. Do professionals usually dose themselves in some way, or since there are unlimited changes once you enter, do you spend all your time at 100%?

Everyone tries to be at 100% every time they enter the park because they can enter and leave as many times as necessary. Individually we work to be in optimal physical condition so that we can be at 100% for as long as possible. Many times you are not in your best shape on the court, but we always have to make an effort to help the team.

Futsal is a very injurious sport due to the set of conditions that make it up. What work and nutrition do you apply to reduce these chances of injury?

I not only work on the nutritional part, but also the physical part. I have a nutritionist in Brazil and a physical trainer here in Barcelona. These precautions help a lot. Of course, the club also helps you with specific jobs. There are several factors and I think they are all essential to avoid injuries. They can happen, but working specifically always tends to reduce that risk.

We are used to the luxurious life of 11-a-side football players, but… Does the life of a top-level futsal player look like this?

It is very different, there is not much similarity between field and futsal athletes. But I can’t complain either. I live very well, I chose to make a living from this sport and I try to make the most of it.

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