Pure adrenaline: the CEVA pilots against the ‘G Forces’

The best drivers in the country and an outstanding group of foreign drivers competed Friday and Saturday at the La Caminera Club de Campo aerodrome (Torrenueva, Ciudad Real) for the Spanish Aerobatic Flying Championship (CEVA 2022).

In the Classic category, Cástor Fantoba completed one more edition with the favorite label and was proclaimed champion in the Unlimited category. He was accompanied on the podium by Olivier Masurel, second, and Heiner Wehberg, third.

In the Freestyle category, Olivier Masurel had the best score. Cástor Fantoba, second, and Juan Velarde, third, completed the podium.

These were some of the best stunts of the weekend. Barrels, spins, loops, tail slides… Pure adrenaline for pure enjoyment.

List of drivers: Alberto Gonzalez, Alex Balcells, Camilo Benito, Beaver Fantoba, Coco King, Heiner Wehberg, Ignacio Bobillo, Igor Lobanov, Irene Hijlkema, Ivan Gonzalez, Jesus Villapalos, Jorge Loureiro, Jorge Fernandez, Juan Perez, Juan Velarde, Jyrki Laine, Manuel Fernandez , Mario Mondaray, Nick Ono, Olivier Masurel, Patrick Koch, Rachel Martin, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Sergio Gabriel Stella and Willem Dekker.

Images: SOMETHING 2022
Text and video editing: Santi Castaneda

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