Resultados y resumen del WWE Hell in a Cell 2022: Cody Rhodes – Seth Rollins

When the doors of the infernal cage close, anything can happen. It is one of the most anticipated PPVs of the year and it never disappoints.

Resultados del WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

Cody Rhodes se impuso a Seth Rollins: Lesson in courage, professionalism and courage from Cody Rhodes. He suffered a torn biceps on Raw and it worsened this Saturday in the gym. Despite this, he wanted to fight and he did so, logically, greatly diminished. Rollins took advantage of that to punish him excessively in that area. Through endurance he managed to resist and little by little the opportunities came to him. Both Cody and Seth had a very close victory, but everything was decided when Rhodes applied two of his final attacks. He was going for the third, but he looked for Triple H’s gavel and with a ‘sledgehammer’ he ended the fight. Incredible duel. There was a clear injury, but Rhodes and Rollins did a very worthy role to close the PPV.

Austin Theory kept the United States Championship by beating Mustafa Ali: Grief that went from less to more. Theory tried to escape at the beginning, but as soon as Ali pressed everything went crazy. They stuck with everything and without measuring. They gave their maximum. The pace was high and fatigue appeared. There the champion emerged, who managed to finish the fight and add his first defense on a stellar card.

Madcap Moss took revenge on Happy Corbin: Tremendous combat. Moss was out of circulation for several weeks due to a ruthless attack by Corbin, and he returned it. Before, yes, he had to suffer a lot, since Happy Corbin dominated from the beginning. Little by little he knew how to equalize the fight, inflicting good punishment and against the metal steps he left Corbin touched. He ended up putting her neck in the middle of the chair. With the steps he pressed the chair and left Corbin very bad, so much so that Happy left the arena on a stretcher.

The Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest y Rhea Ripley) se llevó el triunfo frente a AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan: Interesting fight in which, as usual with so many people, everything happened. There were moments of three on three in the ring, Priest dominated for much of the duel over Balor, Styles ate the ring post… there was nothing left to do. Balor had Edge very touched, but Ripley intervened, took blows from Morgan, but left the Canadian free to recover and put an end to the duel with a spear.

Kevin Owens defeated Ezekiel: Quick combat that also did not solve anything of the main story that both fighters bring together. KO had to suffer, but when both were already damaged he knew how to side with him. With a stunner he finished Ezekiel, but the fighter did not say anything about whether it is Elias or his brother.

Bobby Lashley defeated Omos & MVP: Short, but intense combat. When the handicap worked, Lashley suffered, but that all changed when Cedric Alexander entered the picture. He sought to help, but Omos and MVP had told him before starting that he should not appear. Upon entering, Omos took him out of the ring, which Lashley took advantage of. With a spear he sent him out of the ring and MVP was in relief. He put him to sleep with his surrender key. Without a doubt this matter will not remain like this

Bianca Belair retained the Raw Women’s Championship by defeating Asuka and Becky Lynch: High quality fight to open the night. As usually happens in this type of duel, everyone had their moments. A double count by Belair and another double submission attempt by Asuka stood out. When fatigue appeared, Lynch emerged. Becky KO’d Asuka and when she started the count, Belair took her out of the count and took advantage to win. The face of. The Irish woman was a poem. It won’t stay like this.

This is how we live in AS WWE Hell in a Cell 2022

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