Risto Mejide makes a mess in Rome with a ‘forbidden’ image

Risto Mejide is on vacation in one of the most popular places for world tourism, Rome.. The Cuatro presenter took advantage of his stay in the Italian capital to visit one of the pearls of this city, The Vatican. In fact, she was lucky enough to visit the interiors of the Sistine Chapel which was closed to the general public so that the journalist could live a unique experience with these majestic monuments.

”Walk where the gladiators walked, enter the Sistine Chapel alone, lock its doors with a key from 1770, in short, see Rome as you have never seen it before. And become, for one day, my son’s hero. All thanks to @antigua_roma. UNFORGETTABLE”, he states on his Instagram, accompanied by images and videos of the most notable moments of the excursion.

Also, recommends that all those who are history lovers visit the ins and outs of the Sistine Chapel. “I’m still assimilating everything I just saw. Seriously, everyone should experience this at least ONCE in their life. The privilege of OPEN the Sistine Chapel and to walk alone through it and through the Vatican Museums… Buffff. GRAZIE MILLE”, says Mejide and Within the publication there is a photograph of him next to a sculpture that has set social networks on fire.

The ‘forbidden’ image

The sculpture of ‘Laocoon and his sons’ was the protagonist of this controversy after the popular presenter photographed next to this work, but with his arm resting on the stone, and even more so when it is prohibited to touch any masterpiece of a museum or exhibition. Social networks fumed and condemned this act. “You have to be short to TOUCH a work of art. It’s as if I went to the Prado and planted my hand on the Las Meninas painting to pose. It is first of all respect and education not to touch the art” or “Leaning like at the bar counter and the child playing the Laocoön. What a shame”. Given the impact generated, The journalist himself has deleted this image from his Instagram account.

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