Sant Julià de Lòria presents itself as a sports and wellness tourism destination

11/17/2023 at 22:05


The Andorran town presented its global project led by Consul Major Josep Majoral in the Prensa Ibérica auditorium

Majoral explained that “for four years we have been developing a series of actions to attract quality tourism in the field of sports.”

This Friday, the Prensa Ibérica auditorium was the scene of the presentation of the Andorran town of Sant Julia de Loria as a sports and wellness tourism destination. Within the framework of the agreement that the Comú (city council) has with the newspaper Sport, a delegation of people headed by the consul major (mayor), Josep Majoral presented to the attendees a global project that contemplates the various facilities and sporting events that are held. in the southernmost of the cities of Andorra.

Majoral, who was the first to intervene, explained that “For four years we have been developing a series of actions to attract quality tourism in the field of sports”. In this sense, various people related in one way or another to this topic were explaining the virtues of the small Pyrenean city in a presentation with verbal explanations supported by videos. Sant Julià de Lòria has a very complete sports center -LAUesport- with a completely renovated 600 square meter gym, a swimming pool, multipurpose rooms, a multi-sports court and two paddle tennis courts among other spaces. Besides, It is the only center in Europe of its kind that has inclusive locker rooms for all types of people with disabilities..

Cycle tourism is another of the attractions it offers since there are up to five mountain passes of various categories, one of them especially standing out, the Coll de la Gallina, which can be compared to mythical passes such as Mortirolo or Alpe d’Huez. This highly difficult ascent debuted in the 2013 Vuelta Ciclista a España.. Likewise, the well-known former cyclist, Joaquim “Purito” Rodríguez, is the visible head of the non-competitive La Purito cycling race, which has been held six times, starting in Sant Julià de Loria and ending in its entirety in Andorra. It takes place every August and brings together around 2,000 participants. And it is the city in the world that has hosted the Trial World Championship the most times with 25 editions..

The Naturland outdoor activities ecopark is another of the great attractions of Sant Julià de Lòria. It has two levels, 1,600 and 2,000 and an endless number of recreational and recreational options such as the Tobotronc, the longest slide in the world that connects the two levels on a trolley ride through the La Rabassa forest. At level 2,000 there is also a Nordic ski resort with more than 15 kilometers of slopes that has the characteristic of being the only one in the area that guarantees about 100 days of skiing a year..

At elevation 2,000 there is also an altitude training center ideal for teams that want to do their preparation. In short, this beautiful Pyrenean town, qualified as a European Sports Village this year 2023, meets all the conditions to host sporting events of the highest levelas well as facilities to deploy sports programs for clubs, federations and all types of entities.

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