Spain debuts with victory against Croatia on its way to the Eurobasket

11/09/2023 at 9:25 p.m.


The women’s basketball team strives to win a long-suffering victory against Croatia

Their next rival will be Austria on Sunday in Tenerife

Spain took action and began with good foot your way to the Eurobasket 2025 with a suffered victory at home by 65-70 against Croatia which forced him to improve in the second half to minimize his bad afternoon from the perimeter. His next rival will be Austria on Sunday in Tenerife.


Eurobasket Femenino




Croatia, 65

Croatia (19+15+11+20): Cvitkovic (10), Erjavec (2), Slonjsak (14), Tadic (2), Zellous (7) -starting five- Lazic (10), Bura (15), Perisa (-) and Cicic (5).

Spain, 70

(16+16+15+23): Casas (11), Cazorla (8), Conde (12), Gil (11), Torrens (7) -starting five- Ginzo (9), Leo Rodríguez (2), Oma (-), Silvia Domínguez (8), Leticia Romaro (2) and Pendande (-)


Viola Györgyi (Romania), Paulina Gajdosz (Poland) and Andrea Bongiorni (Italy). Sin eliminadas


Qualifying phase match for Eurobasket 2025 played at the Gripe Sports Hall in Split.

They faced the duel Miguel Méndez’s players as clear favoritesbut they found a brave and inspired opponent from the triple, who in the first quarter did not concede disadvantages of less than two points and who, with a good run of 10-2, came to a 19-12 lead.

While Spain, denied from the outside shot during the opening act and surpassed on the rebound, remained calm. This allowed them not to despair when things came wrong and to close that gap before the conclusion of the first ten minutes with baskets from María Conde and Leo Rodríguez (19-16, min.10).

However, back on the hardwood and until the break everything continued to develop along the same lines. Although the visitors were more in tune, equalizing at times and even going ahead, perimeter shots lifted the Croatians.

So much so that 21 of the 34 points leading up to the intermission came from long distance. And in that art Iva Slonjsak shined above all, scoring 4 in 6 attempts and some of them in moments in which Spain He seemed to have better feelings. At half-time we reached the Croatians two up and with Spain with a lot of room for improvement (34-32, min 20).

He left the Spanish team was more in tune in the second half. With a better pace in defense and with better judgment in attack – despite the fact that the perimeter was still not working -, they achieved a partial 2-10 in the first four minutes of the restart, which forced the local bench to stop the game to stop the rival escalation (36-42, min 24).

The clash was balanced again. Without a clear dominator, the Croats and Spanish left everything to be resolved for the last ten minutes (45-47, min 30).

A triple of Patricia Bura, best local player with 15 points and 8 rebounds, returned command to the Croatians as soon as the final quarter began. The center and Laura Gil shared successes until a triple by Maite Cazorla gave Spain its greatest advantage up to that moment (50-57, min 34).

The locals tried but could not reduce their disadvantage. Paula Ginzofrom mid-distance, maintained the half-dozen cushion points with 3.40 left and Stipe Bralic stopped the clash again to attempt the comeback.

A triple by María Conde returned the maximum advantage to her team, who knew how to control the score until the end. sealing their first victory in the qualifying phase for the Eurobasket.



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