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Diniz’s team went from more to less, lost control of the match and ended up kneeling against Colombia (2-1) and the Liverpool forward’s double

Vinicius Jr. was injured in the first half, Raphinha sent a ball to the post with 0-1 and Endrick made his debut at 17 years old

‘Dinizismo’ does not kick in the Seleçao, which added, for the first time in its history, two defeats in a row in the South American qualifying qualifiers for the World Cup. He had just lost 2-0 in Montevideo and received a new reality check in the Barranquilla sauna, where he lost 2-1, with a double header from a Luis Diaz in a state of grace.


South American World Cup Qualifiers 2026





Camilo Vargas; Daniel Muñoz, Davinson Sánchez, Lucumi, Deiver Machado (Cristián Borja, 45′); Kevin Castaño (Lerma, 83′), Jorge Carrascal (Richard Rìos, 74′); Matheus Uribe (Sinisterra, 45′), James Rodríguez, Luis Díaz; and Borré (Córdoba, 68′).


Alisson; Emerson Royal, Marquinhos, Gabriel Magalhaes (Douglas Luiz, 82′), Renan Lodi (Pepé, 82′); André, Bruno Guimaraes; Raphinha (Endrick, 82′), Rodrygo (Paulinho, 67′), Vinicius Júnior (Joao Pedro, 26′) and Gabriel Martinelli.


Andrés Maronte (Uruguay). TA: Davinson Sánchez (19′) / coach Fernando Diniz (36′), Renan Lodi (77′), Pepé (90′)


0-1, Martinelli min. 3; 1-1, Luis Díaz min 75; 2-1 Luis Dìaz min. 78.


Metropolitan Stadium, in Barranquilla (Colombia)

Brazil presented a roller coaster with its dizzying 4-2-4. And the staging turned out better than expected, because, after three minutes, Gabriel Martinelliafter yours mine with Vinicius, made it 0-1. The first goal of the Arsenal footballer with the Seleçao culminated the torrential departure of the pupils of Fernando Dinizwho followed to the letter the suicidal approach that their coach asked of them.

With mobility, good touch and association, the Brazilians did well against a Colombia, which felt the blow, as it was coming off three draws in a row that had cast doubt on its self-esteem.

Not everything was a piece of cake for the Canarinhos, who, in their first game since the injury of Crusaders Neymaroffered a worrying B-side: they were a tender team, with many imbalances in the defensive system and that suffers excessively every time they do not have the ball.

Having positively resolved the kidnapping of his father (who watched the game from the stands), Luis Díaz, who was the best of the coffee growers, punctured Brazil from the left wing against an overwhelmed Émerson Royal, who did not pass the test of starting as a starter. The thing about the Liverpool forward was something to take off your hat to, because he infected his teammates.

Vinicius Jr.’s muscle injury, which forced him to leave the field in the 25th minute, cannot serve as an excuse for the Brazilian decline. Because, without the Madrid player, the ‘Canarinha’ played a brilliant first fifteen minutes of the second half, in which they hammered insistently.

The game, back and forth, broke down during some phases of the second half. With spaces, the best Raphinha appeared who could kill the match, mainly with a ball that hit the post (min. 67) with a right hand, after receiving the ball from Rodrygo.

Intermittent, discontinuous and unable to control the situation, Brazil did not know how to stop Colombia, which played with its heart, and he tied with a header from Luis Díaz, which rewarded all his pride. It was the prelude to the transfer of powers.

Confusion gripped Brazil, which had been kept afloat by Alisson’s firmness. However, his Liverpool colleague, in a state of grace, took advantage of a millimeter center from James Rodriguez with his left foot, to make it 1-2 again with his head, beating Emerson Royal. The local comeback was an unappealable epilogue to a sovereign match.

The ‘Canarinha’ paid dearly for the invention of going out to play with only two midfielders. In desperation, Diniz introduced a triple change: Raphinha left his place so that Endrick, The ‘menino prodigy’ that Madrid has signed, became, at the age of 17, the fourth youngest footballer to debut in the ‘Canarinha’. It was of no use. He lost Brazil and entered a state of crisis: he has only added one of the last nine points at stake on the way to going to the 2026 World Cup.

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