Tennis fans have an appointment from November 7 to 12

11/03/2023 at 08:55


Seven of the current top 20 will be in the capital of Seville. Tickets from 17 euros.

Not everyday and tennis world cup arrives on Spanish soilnor does a competition that pays tribute to a legend like Billie Jean King. That’s all what the Billie Jean King Cup Finals for Gainbridge will do when the November 7 to 12 convert Seville in the world capital of tennis. There will be an appointment 12 best women’s tennis teams to find out in just six hectic days who wins the world title.

Every set counts, every match is crucial, and Even the smallest detail in the strategy can be the final key to success of the teams. Switzerland will arrive as current champions but, from the outset, she will have to be the best in Group A if she wants to reach the semifinals on Saturday… and that will not be a walk. Quite the contrary. The draw wanted the United States and the Czech Republic to join Switzerland, and Looking at the ranking, tradition and experience of these three teams, any crossover between them could well seem like the same final.

Spain will be in Group C

Anabel Medina’s players will fight to achieve the sixth title in the competitionbut they will not have it easy: they will have to prove superior to Poland and Canada in the group stage, because only the best of the three teams will reach Saturday’s semifinals…and excitement is guaranteed.

Spain will have in its ranks Paula Badosa, Sara Sorribas, Rebeka Masarova, Cristina Bucsa and Martina Bassols and the captain must choose daily who plays the two singles and the doubles match. Everything will happen under the watchful eye of Conchita Martinez. The former professional tennis player, who won this competition five times representing Spain when it was called the Federation Cup, is now director of Tournament and is the person most responsible for making sure everything goes well.

In Group B, Australia, finalist in 2022, will face the always brave teams of Kazakhstan and Slovenia; while, in D, three great classics such as France, Italy and Germany will meet.

The 12 nations will compete in the group stage between November 7 and 10. The best in each group will go to the semifinals on Saturday and on Sunday the 12th the grand final is played.

Billie Jean King, now 79 years old, is a living tennis legend.

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A name, a legend.

Since 2020 the call before the Federation Cup o Fed Cup change its format and also its name, and he did it to, with it, also, pay tribute to a woman capable of transmitting strength and energy and who was a pioneer in the defense of women’s rights in sports already in the 70s. Billie Jean King, now 79 years old, is a living tennis legend.

King stands out in sports history as a woman who defied norms and expectations to leave an indelible mark on tennis history and beyond. From a very young age, he showed an innate talent for tennis. However, it was her tenacity, her passion, and her unwavering will to overcome her challenges that led her to become one of the best tennis players in the world. Throughout her career, Billie Jean King racked up an impressive number of wins, including 12 Grand Slam titles in singles, 16 in women’s doubles and 11 in mixed doubles. But beyond the numbers, it was his fighting spirit and his ability to overcome obstacles that defined his legacy. At a time when female athletes faced glaring inequalities in terms of awards and opportunities, King emerged as a powerful voice for change. She bravely fought for equal prizes in tennis, contributing significantly to the historic decision to equalize prize money for men and women in Grand Slam tournaments. Now, the women’s tennis World Cup bears her name and distributes the same amount in cash as those participating in its men’s equivalent, the Davis Cup, thanks to the entry of Grainbridge as a sponsor.

The legendary tennis player remains an inspirationa living reminder of sport’s ability to transcend barriers, unite people and serve as a platform for social change.

Tickets from 17 euros

With the tickets available from 17 euros, Conchita Martínez has expressed her hope and enthusiasm for seeing the city of Seville filled with unprecedented tennis energy and passion.. It is an open invitation for sports enthusiasts and citizens to come together and be part of a sporting experience that not only celebrates competition, but also brotherhood, excellence and equality in sports. In Conchita’s words, It is an opportunity to be witnesses and participants of unforgettable moments that will resonate in the history of women’s tennis and world sport.

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