The Sports portfolio is integrated into Education and will be led by Pilar Alegría

11/20/2023 at 9:49 p.m.


The new head of the portfolio replaces Miquel Iceta, who has been in office since 2021

Alegría was Minister of Education since 2021 and will also serve as Government Spokesperson

Sport, which in the previous legislature shared a ministry with the area of ​​culture, will be included in the area that now begins in the Ministry of Education, according to the appointments announced this Monday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who has chosen as head of that department Pilar Alegría.

Alegría will succeed as head of Spanish sport to Miquel Iceta (2021-2023), who in turn followed José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes (2020-2021) and José Guirao (2018-2020), after the six days that Màxim Huerta was in office (June 7-13, 2018), all of them in the different governments of Pedro Sánchez.

During the governments of Adolfo Suárez and Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo, Ricardo de la Cierva y Hoces (1980), Iñigo Cavero Lataillade (1980-81) and Soledad Becerril Bustamante (1981- 82).

In the socialist period of Felipe González (1982-1996) The sport depended on the Minister of Culture of Javier Solana Madariaga (1982-1992) and Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba (1992-1993), and then the Ministers of Education and Science Gustavo Suárez Pertierra (1993-1995) and Jerónimo Saavedra (1995-1996).

In the Aznar Government (1996-2004) sport passed to the Ministry of Culture and Education, whose heads were Esperanza Aguirre (1996-99) and Rajoy (1999-2000) and, with the name of Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports, to Pilar del Castillo (2000-04).

With Rodríguez Zapatero (2004-2011) sport depended on the Ministry of Education and in the last two years directly from the President of the Government. Her ministers were María Jesús San Segundo Gómez de Cadiñanos (2004-2006) and Mercedes Cabrera Calvo-Sotelo (2006-09).

With Mariano Rajoy, the name of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports reappeared, headed by José Ignacio Wert Ortega (2011-2015) and Iñigo Méndez de Vigo (June 2015-June 2018).

Pedro Sánchez appointed journalist Màxim Huerta Hernández as Minister of Culture and Sports in June 2018. who resigned from the position six days later, when it was revealed that he had committed tax irregularities.

The appointment of José Guirao Cabrera to relieve him and took possession the next day. After the legislative elections of November 2019, on January 13, 2020, the first democratic coalition government was formed between the PSOE- Podemos, chaired by Sánchez, with José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes as Minister of Culture and Sports. In a remodeling of the Sánchez Government, on July 10, 2021, Miguel Iceta, until then Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Administration, assumed the portfolio.

List of Sports Ministers and name of the ministry:

Ricardo de la Cierva y Hoces (1980), Culture

Iñigo Cavero Lataillade (1980-81), Culture

Soledad Becerril Bustamante (1981-82), Culture

Javier Solana Madariaga (1982-1992), Culture

Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba (1992-1993), Culture

Gustavo Suárez Pertierra (1993-1995), Education and Science

Jerónimo Saavedra (1995-1996), Education and Science

Esperanza Aguirre (1996-99), Culture and Education

Mariano Rajoy (1999-2000), Culture and Education

Pilar del Castillo (2000-04), Culture, Education and Sports

María Jesús San Segundo Gómez de Cadiñanos (2004-2006), Education

Mercedes Cabrera Calvo-Sotelo (2006-09), Education

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (2009-2011), President of the Government

Jose Ignacio Wert Ortega (2011-2015), Education, Culture and Sports,

Iñigo Méndez de Vigo Montojo (June 2015-June 2018), Education, Culture and Sport,

Máxim Huerta Hernández (7-13 June 2018), Culture and Sport

José Guirao Cabrera (2018-2020), Culture and Sports

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes (2020-2021), Culture and Sports

Miguel Iceta (2021-2023), Culture and Sports

Pilar Alegría (2021-present), Education and Sports.


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