This is the 23,000 euro dog that Ashley Cole bought after suffering a robbery

Former England international Ashley Cole suffered one of the biggest scares of his life. A group of thieves attacked his home when he was with his wife and children. The outcome was fateful and the British He was tied with zip ties in front of his family, while the six robbers stole jewelry, watches, mobile phones, high-end clothing and the key to a sports BMW.. One of the assailants even carried a pair of pliers and threatened Cole that “I would cut off his fingers” if he made any move against them, according to the former soccer player’s statement before the Nottingham Crown Court from a few months ago.

Fortunately, Sharon CanuEnglish partner, was able to call the police at the time the thieves entered and the authorities were in charge of catching these criminals at the exit of the family home. Also, this organized band, formed by Kurtis Dilks, Andrew MacDonald y Ashley Cumberpatchis accused of stealing from the home of Tom Huddlestone, Hull City player, while the footballer was playing a match.

An animal solution

After this dramatic episode, Ashley Cole and his wife They have sought a solution to avoid a situation similar to the one experienced. A security dog, under the breed of a German Shepherd, will take care of shield this family from any type of assault. Sharon Canu reported on her social networks this animal that has been acquired through ‘Elite Protection Dogs’, a platform dedicated to selling puppies, whose price exceeds 23,000 euros, and? “They come from military and police backgrounds with generations of experience”as stated on its website.


The dog from the ‘Elite Protection Dogs’ platform. INSTAGRAM:

Besides, other Premier League stars Those who have suffered robberies inside their homes have hired the services of this type of dogs. For example, Jack Grealish, Manchester City player, bought two dogs from this shelter after suffering a robbery. Raheem Sterling, Dele Alli, Rio Ferdinand or Marcus Rashford or the cyclist Mark Cavendish have been the other elite athletes who have also acquired this animal protection in your home.

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