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Woman y SPORTtwo leading Iberian Press headlines, came together again to experience one of the most important nights in Spanish women’s sport

Arantza Sarasola, vice president of Prensa Ibérica, closed the party with a very emotional speech

The third edition of the Women in Sports Awards I could never have chosen a better musical performance to liven up and give warmth and color to the gala held, like the previous two, in the Auditorium of the Antigua Fábrica Damm in Barcelona.

The singer from Sant Feliu de Llobregat Nil Molinerborn shortly after the closing of the unforgettable Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, gave us on stage one of the most emblematic songs in his repertoire: “Vuela Alto.”

A verse of that song says: “To any world / Anywhere / Never stop shining / the way you do / To any moon that knows / how to take care of you”. Without a doubt, women’s sports are flying very high, increasingly. And it shines with a light that, far from going out, shines brighter than ever.


Woman magazine and SPORT newspaper, two leading Iberian Press publications, wanted, with the celebration of this gala, reward and recognize the merits of different women who have managed to occupy, on their own merits, a prominent place in the world of sports.

Ten awards, ten extraordinary stories to tell that put the female athlete at the center of a universe which is theirs alone and which they have managed to reach based on tenacity, effort and many hours of discipline.

More media or less, with more social impact or less, the ten women who paraded on the stage of the Antigua Fábrica Damm last night are an example to follow.

The night started strong, with the WomanSport Award for Aitana Bonmatí, the best soccer player on the planet, world champion with the Spanish team and European champion with FC Barcelona. And she closed with another legendary name, the tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza, former world number one and champion, among many other tournaments, of Wimbledon and Roland Garros. Pure talent.

In between, eight more awards: the best evolution (Queralt Castellet), improvement (Desirée Vila), pioneer (Joana Pastrana), innovation (Queen’s League), revelation (Sofia Santacreu), communication (Almudena Cid), directive (Jennifer Couple) and the extraordinary prize (Aurora Catà).


They accompanied us on such a special night Laura VilagràCouncilor for the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia; Maria Eugenia Gaysecond lieutenant of the Mayor of Barcelona City Council; David EscudéSports Councilor of the Barcelona City Council and Susana Closamanager of the Barcelona Esports Institute.

Javier Mollpresident of Prensa Ibérica, Thorn Sarasolavice president, CEO Aitor Moll and the counselors Ainhoa ​​Moll y Susan Moll.

The third edition of these awards would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of our sponsors: Caixabank, Iberdrola, Estrella Damm, Eurofitness, La Roca Village, Nissan, Generalitat de Cataluna and RTVE. The party, by the way, could be seen live on Teledeporte and was hosted by journalist Monte Busquets.

The consolidation of the Women in Sports Awards must be attributed to the female athletes themselves who, with their achievements, behavior and commitment, are achieving what a few years ago seemed impossible: that the gap with men’s sports is reduced, that the visibility of its sporting disciplines increases and, above all, that equality is not a fashionable word but a consolidated fact.

“The beacon that illuminates Spanish sport”

Thorn Sarasolavice president of Prensa Ibérica, was in charge of closing the event with a very emotional speech that provoked applause from those present: “Woman magazine and the sports newspaper SPORT join forces to give our athletes the visibility they deserve and move forward, with determined step, on the path towards equal opportunities between men and women in the world of sports”.

He added that “our communication group is very aware of the essential and determining role that women play in today’s world… Only through equal treatment will we be able to build a truly democratic, fair and advanced society.”.

“Balls and rackets are no longer just for children. “Girls are asking for progress in search of sporting triumphs, with increasing talent, and we must all feel concerned in the task of banishing forever the old sexist prejudices that, so many times, have clipped the wings and frustrated generations of female athletes.”

“This growing sensitivity for equality also coincides with a brilliant period of Spanish women’s sport, which is a source of success and which finds increasing space in the media”. “Never in history have we Spaniards been so excited about women’s football as this summer with the triumph of our team in the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.”

“From here I congratulate all the members of the national team, with special mention to Aitana Bonmatíwhich has been awarded today with the Woman Sport Award, after winning the World Cup, Champions League and League. Hopefully very soon – we all hope so – he will add the coveted Ballon d’Or to his record.”.

To finish, the vice president of Prensa Ibérica endorsed a phrase from the great champion Mireia Belmonte: “If you are going to look back, let it be to see what you have worked for to get where you are. Thank you to all the winners for your work and for your example. You are a beacon that illuminates the path of Spanish sport”.


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